Converting your Powerpoint into a slideshow

1. Creat your Powerpoint as normal but don't worry about making the objects fly in and do fancy things.
2. Save your work as normal.
3. Go to the Website and log in with these details:
  • Username: Langwitch
  • Passowrd: langs12
4. Click on the "upload file" tab.
5. Browse your documents for the powerpoint that you wand converting.
6. Click upload and then continue (it will take a couple of minutes or longer for your slideshow to be complete)
Don't close this window!!!

You can now upload that intp your page in this Wikispace like this:

Open a new window!!!
1. Log into your wikispaces account
2. Go to your page
3. Click on "edit this page"
4. Click on the icon that looks like a TV
5. Opt of the "Slide show"
6. Click on the "Slide" image not the Flickr one
7. Go back to your Slideshare slideshow and where it says "add to your blog" copy the code provided.
8. Paste that code into the box provided on the Wikispace and save
9. Don't forget to save the page as well :o)

It sounds long and involved but it is actually quite straight forward.