Create a Photostory

photo-story-logo-icon.gif Photostory

This is a lovely application that can make slideshows come to life and is really straight forward to use. All the intructions are on each stage of the application as well :o)

Here's how to make one

1. Make sure that you have Photostory installed on your computer (available as a free download online).
2. Make sure that you have the images that you wish to use in your video.
3. Following the intructions, upload the photographs you want to use .
4. Drag and drop them to change the order if you wish.
5. Click the "Remove the black borders" button. (This makes your photos look prettier).
6. Go onto the next stage by clicking the "next" to add captions to your images.
7. Move to the next stage to add a comentary if you wish.
8. Next choose some music to have playing whilst people watch your video.
9. Now follow the intructions for saving and you will be able to view your video using Windown Media Player or even add it to a video sharing website.